Happy Wrap

Happy Wrap is here!

Ditch the plastic and try the all natural alternative. Happy Wrap is reusable, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Made with hemp/organic cotton blend fabric and treated with a mix of bees wax, pine resin and pure jojoba oil, Happy Wrap is versatile, good for the environment and your food.



Happy Wrap is perfect for covering bowls, plates and glasses. Use Happy Wrap for fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese and sandwiches to retain freshness.


Happy Wrap is available in a starter pack of 4 pieces of varying sizes.


Pack Contents:

1 x 14″ square piece – perfect for sandwiches, wraps, bread and larger bowls

1 x 11″ square piece – great for cheese, vegetables and smaller bowls/jugs

1 x 8″ square piece – wrap carrot and celery sticks or that half avocado

1 x 5″ square piece – keep the ends of your cucumber once sliced fresh, wrap half a lemon, perfect for small ramekins

Experiment and discover your own favourite uses and sizes!

Want more of one size than another? No problem! Individual pieces are available for purchase. Prices shown below.


Starter pack – $30


14″ piece – $14

11″ piece – $10

8″ piece – $6

5″ piece – $3

NB Postage within Australia for one starter pack $3

Wholesale/bulk pricing available please contact Marjie for further information

How to order

To order wrap please use the contact page.

Email your order. I will send through an invoice that includes bank details. Once payment has arrived, your wrap will be sent to you.

Alternatively, arrange a time to come by the studio.

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